Canoe Tales (CD)



Eric Harry released this album in 2007 as a series of duets based on images of Canadiana.

“As a young teenager, I used to paint with oils. A local lady in Westboro Village in Ottawa's west end owned an art shop for supplies, canvases, oils, pastels.
At age seven or eight, she became my most secret fantasy. A strikingly beautiful and tall woman with perfect hair and with whom I had a crush on. I would visit the shop after school or on weekends and marvel at the endless umber oils shades, plan my next brush or palette knife purchase. The local art shop became the catalyst to art self-fulfillment.

I loved and still do have a preference for impressionism. Starting with Turner and on to Van Gogh, broad strokes and knife techniques were such an mysterious illusion to me, to see something up close was so opposite when seen further away.

This was also parallel to my view of the universe, that we are mere vibrating particles up close yet a solid living mass from afar.

A few years later I visited the National Art Gallery in Ottawa where there are enormous works by the famous Group of Seven. Tom Thompson was always a standout for me and to this day his work still represents the truest reflection of the Canadian landscape. For some unknown reason, I has always felt an affinity…a connection to Tom, and can vividly imagine and feel his presence as if I know where he has walked, painted and in what lakes he might have paddled.

Sadly, his young life was cut short by a mysterious accident that was never truly solved. This is my musical portrait of Tom Thompson.”