Tree Spirits – Symphonic Version (CD)



Eric Harry released this remarkable symphonic piano solo album in 2008.

“This is the companion piece to the Tree Spirits- Piano Solos album” said Eric. “After the solos album was completed, I wanted to try adding prose from award-winning philosopher and poet Terra Martin. I was blown away by Terra’s very beautiful, yet somewhat mystical prose. I turned out to be a beautiful match of music and words” said Eric.

“On Tree Spirits – Piano Solos, I used the glass instruments that I used on a few films a few years ago, in particular, Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Armonica. The armonica was very fashionable during Mozart’s and Beethoven’s era, so much so that they even wrote for this instrument” said Eric. Listen for the Glass Armonica on “Indian Summer”.

Available in CD and Downloadable formats.