This spectacular tv commercial for Newfoundland Labrador Tourism was composed in 2009 and it’s called “Gros Morne”. Gros Morne is a park on the west coast of Newfoundland. There are very very massive and deep Gorges that rival the ones found in Norway!

The music style is reminiscent of a celtic style in how I used the vocal harmonies. The visuals are so stunning in how the color drapes the landscape like an oil canvas.

I went to Newfoundland and had the most amazing time in 2008. The people are sooo nice, they possess an altruism I haven’t seen anywhere else. While I visited Trinity Bay and Bonavista, I counted from our boat at least fourteen bald eagles flying overhead off the highest cliffs I have ever seen, all the while the dolphins would swim under our boat then jump ten feet high in the air off our boat’s wake. I can’t recommend this place enough.